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The InvestLife Ltd. Co. is concentrating on the following market and professional fields

  • As venture capital type investments, takeover and reorganisation of companies which have lost market or are struggling with management problems. Selling them to strong investors, mostly to the management after a short period of 3 to 4 years of improvement and capitalization.

  • Buying up uncertain and bad debts. Rescuing outstandings in a different way than usually, by converting assets to components or even by obtaining ownership in the indebted company, through merging shares of ownership.

  • The InvestLife Pte Ltd. carries out company appraisals on a very high level by using known indices (NPV, IRR, ROE, ROI, ROA, etc.) and the most up-to-date methods (industrial output method, sales prognosis method, expected return method, general dividend valuation model, discounted cash-flow method, NOPLAT method, etc.). We have already used these international standards to determine the company value of energetics and compressor machine works, telecommunication companies, publishing houses, educational consulting companies, retail trade and catering establishments.

  • Asset management. Managing a regional telecommunication company, which was bought for more than 4 billion HUF, and managing PilisPack packaging technological Pte Ltd., a company producing flexografically overprinted bags, plastic foils, coextruded foils and papers.

  • We are familiar with special bond issue techniques, with arranging financial backgrounds of real estate developments, particular procedures of capital expenditure, servicing famous international investment companies.

  • Ontaining ownership in enterprises requiring bigger capital by buying out or increasing capital and involving other financial investors beside our minority stake. This is exemplified by financing and the foundation of energetic investments by means of project companies.

Capital Raising

The InvestLife Ltd. Co., as an "investment boutique", has gained remarkable experience in organising and settling transactions of 0,5-3 million USD.
In addition to the organisation of bigger buyingouts of 10 to 20 million USD value, we do not reject - especially if we invest our own capital - investments of small volume either, even down to a bottom limit of 20-50 million HUF (100000-200000 USD).

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